Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

Shingijutsu USA Corp.

Expertise: Manufacturing
Toshihiro Nagamatsu
President and CEO

Under the direction of Mr. Nagamatsu, Shingijutsu is helping PeopleFlo develop a breakthrough shop-floor business processes. Shingijutsu, formed by members of the original Toyota Autonomous Study Group lead by Taichi Ohno, is a world-renowned manufacturing consulting firm credited with originating and developing the Toyota Production System. Shingijutsu clients include GE, Boeing, Porsche and United Technologies.


Expertise: Product Development
Dr. Jeffry Liker

Dr. Liker is also Professor of Industrial and Opperations Engineering at the University of Michigan. Optiprise has been is helping PeopleFlo apply Toyota’s “lean” methods to product development.

MSI Resources, Inc.

Ms. Michiko Perry

MSI provides PeopleFlo with language translation services uniquely tailored to shop floor topics and meetings with Shingijutsu, our Japanese partner.

Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw, LLP

Expertise: Intellectual Property
Deborah Schavey Ruff

Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw is taking the lead role in intellectual property litigation and dispute resolution.

Huck Bouma PC

Expertise: General Council
William H. Wentz

Mr. Wentz serves not only as PeopleFlo’s general council but also as a key business advisor. Early in his legal career, he served as Associate General Counsel of the Civil Aeronautics Board in charge of litigation and enforcement during airline deregulation. Prior to the CAB, he was an attorney to the Chairmen of the Federal Trade Commission. For the past two decades, Mr. Wentz’s primary interest has been privately held businesses. He started the Entrepreneurial Roundtable for the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business.

Cook Alex I.P. Law

Expertise: U.S. and foreign patent prosecution
David Thimmig
Attorney at Law

CookAlex supports PeopleFlo through the prosecution of U.S. and foreign patents.

Roberts McGivney Zagotta, LLC

Expertise: Coporate finance and securities
Michael S. Roberts

Roberts McGivney Zagotta is supporting PeopleFlo’s corporate finance activities in the private placement of debt and equity securities.