Business Model

Business Model

PeopleFlo’s three-step business model represents how we convert ideas into  value.

Step 1: Focus on what we do best – creating value. When it comes to capturing the value, products and services will be transferred to leading organizations (asset sale, license, or other strategic alliance) with the resources necessary for commercialization on a global scale.

Step 2: Approach all value creating activities holistically. For example, integrate two important value drivers – product design and production technology – as if they were one coherent system. And use our core capabilities – product developmentinnovation and efficiency – in ways that work synergistically to deliver better efficiency and high-impact innovation.

Step 3: Create value based on The PeopleFlo WayThe PeopleFlo Way is our unique approach for creating value in a manufacturing environment. It combines our business philosophy with a set of tools that apply “lean” systems for efficiency and manufacturing innovation for breakthroughs. It’s efficiency objective is simply to remove non-value-added waste from all business processes. It’s innovation objective is to deliver high-impact innovation across a wide range of value drivers.

We use a “house” diagram to symbolize The PeopleFlo Way. It clearly reflects the interdependent nature of each of our core principles since a house is only strong if the foundation, the pillars and the roof are strong. Two principles – continuous improvement and just-in-time – primarily represent efficiency activities. Two principles – challenge and innovation – primarily represent innovation activities.

The PeopleFlo Way

People: Our foundation that makes everything possible.
Continuous Improvement: Our cornerstone driven by problem solving and ongoing learning.
Just-In-Time: Our fundamental set of principles and tools to deliver the right items, at the right time, in the right quantity.
Innovation: Our source for wide ranging breakthroughs.
Challenge: Our building block to develop our people and spark creativity.
Our way to ensure a dual focus on the process and on the results.


quote Ford

"Our own attitude is that we are charged with discovering the best way of doing everything, and that we must regard every process employed in manufacturing as purely experimental. If we reach a stage in production which seems remarkable as compared to what was has gone before, then that is just a stage of production and nothing more… We know from the changes that have already been brought about that far greater changes are about to come… Our invariable reply to, it can’t be done is, go do it."

Henry Ford
Today and Tomorrow. Doubleday, 1926; Reprint Edition, Productivity Press, 2003, pp. xii