Product development services


Product Development Services

Developing new products for the fluid handling markets can seem like a never-ending series of challenges. It requires meeting all the basic needs – cost, quality, delivery, service – associated with selling engineered products in complex business-to-business markets. But in todays competitive global market, it means much more. It requires turning ideas into products that solve important end user problems in ways that drives down costs in tangible ways. It requires meeting new demands for greater energy efficiency and lower environmental impact. It requires developing differentiated products in record time-to-market to give OEM’s a competitive advantage and return on investment. And because innovative products are different, they often require a new, more demanding approaches to acquire customers and build commercialization momentum.

PeopleFlo’s engineering design and innovation capabilities help clients meet these challenges. Our in-depth experience developing innovative products and production processes for the industrial machinery markets – the fluid handling industry in particular – enable us to quickly understand your needs, hit the ground running and achieve project goals.

prod and prod finalOur product and process capabilities are based on solid principles and proven methods. Our primary approach integrates two core value drivers throughout a project – product design and production technology – as if they are one. This approach unlocks big opportunities to broaden the value proposition and leverage competitive advantage for OEM’s. Our extensive “lean” systems experience and guiding principles underpins all aspects of our work. Our innovation system includes effective ways to spark creativity – idea generation, idea development, prototyping – and proven ways to manage projects using cloud based tools to eliminate waste and streamline client communications. These capabilities have demonstrated the ability to create highly-differentiated products half the time-to-market, cut product cost by up to 50% and slash delivery lead times from weeks to days.ace

Ways we can work together

PeopleFlo works with clients in many different ways. We can structure a one time project or a longer term innovation alliance. We can narrow the scope to work on one or more phases of a development project or take on the complete concept-to-commercialization activity. We can fully integrate product design and production technology or just focus on one or the other.

Project structure. Engineering design and innovation services can be structured in many ways. For example, a one-off project can be structured based on time and material or based on a milestone payment with deliverables arrangement. A longer term innovation alliance could be structured so PeopleFlo becomes an integrated extension of our clients research and development organization by dedicating engineering design resources, allocating private space within our Flow Innovation Lab and allowing full use of PeopleFlo’s prototype shop.

Project scope. Clients can call on PeopleFlo for help with select project phases or outsource the entire product development project. For example, our services can focus on idea generation, concept development, prototype building, detailed design or commercialization services. Or we can deliver a fully designed and tested product development package that includes a product design package and the delivery of a “lean” based production system.


Product design and production technology alternatives

PeopleFlo works with clients to tailor product innovation and process innovation to their specific growth strategy. For example, an aggressive growth strategy based on a highly differentiated new product line would suggest a project with a high degree of product design and production technology innovation (see example project X). An alternative growth strategy may require a next generation product with a moderate degree of product innovation but utilize the existing production system (see example project Y). It may be appropriate to develop a “me-too” product but achieve breakthroughs in the production technology to slash product costs, cut inventory levels and achieve best-in-class delivery performance (see example project Z).


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“Many companies talk about breaking the frame but PeopleFlo has done it with innovative product designs that optimize both first cost and life cycle costs, and an absolutely 'lean' business structure that will change the manufacturing outsourcing mindset forever".

Mr. Richard Labrecque
Retired CEO
ITT Industries, Fluid Technology