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Product Technologies for Sale or Licenseshutterstock sapling image 2

PeopleFlo invests capital to develop new product lines when we spot important end user problems to solve and we have the confidence that we have the technology and the design team to come up with innovative solutions. The purpose of this investment strategy is to advance the product and process design to a point where major risks have been addressed, core assumptions have been validated and the design IP protected so it is ready for sale or license to an OEM for commercialization.

PeopleFlo is investing heavily in product and process development for the fluid handling industry. We believe there are many exciting opportunities to innovate in this industry not only to solve important problems associated with energy efficiency and environmental protection but also to offer OEM’s highly differentiated products that provide competitive advantage.

New Sealless Hygienic Lobe Pump

Rotary lobe pumps are a popular pump design for hygienic applications in food & beverage, dairy and personal care markets. However, the lobe style pump requires two mechanical seals which have a propensity to leak. Mechanical seal leakage can drive up end user maintenance costs, cause cleanability issues and waste valuable water resources when applied in a double seal configuration.

PeopleFlo’s new sealless hygienic lobe design eliminates the problems associated with two mechanical seals through an creative magnetic drive configuration that is hygienic, simple and affordable. In addition, the product is designed to be fully interchangeable with leading manufacturers making field retrofit easy. The suction and discharge port locations match. The foot mounting holes match. And the drive shaft size and location match. In addition, the hydraulic output per revolution matches so flow rates are maintained when coupled to existing drive systems.

PeopleFlo’s new hygienic lobe product line is being designed in 316 stainless steel with 1” through 3” port sizes and both sanitary clamp and bevel seat end connections. This product line will be available for sale or license in 2018. Please contact for more information.

New Generation Electric Double Diaphragm Pump 

Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps offer many advantages. They are able to handle a wide range of applications including fluids with high concentration of solids. They allow easy flow rate adjustment, have run dry capability and are sealless. They are also lightweight, portable and simple in design. However, AODD pumps have drawbacks. The pneumatic drive system consumes large amounts of compressed air which results in high energy costs. In addition, the pneumatic air noise level is loud and AODD pumps that run continuously can exceed OSHA’s noise exposure legal limit of 90 dBA for an 8 hour day.

Electrically operated double diaphragm (EODD) pumps currently on the market can have much better energy efficiency than AODD pumps. Graco Corporation recently claimed that their new Husky 1050e electric double diaphragm pump is “up to 5x more efficient than air operated diaphragm pumps”. EODD solve the high noise level problem. But the traditional EODD pumps are big, heavy and expensive.

PeopleFlo’s design team is working on a new generation EODD pump that retains the benefits of the traditional AODD pump while capturing energy efficiency benefits of a new electric drive configuration that is lightweight and compact. PeopleFlo’s new EODD product line will be available for sale or license in 2018. Please contact, or for more information.

Product Concepts in the Pipelineshutterstock sapling image 3

  • ISO sealless centrifugal pump

  • Sealless industrial vane pump

  • Sealless API centrifugal pump

  • Canned motor centrifugal pump

  • Sealless internal gear pump

  • Eddy current free canister designs for mag drive pumps

  • Positive displacement canned motor pump

  • Sensor system for centrifugal pump feedback and control

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"PeopleFlo has an end-to-end solution to innovation. I don’t know of any other company doing that. Their solution is game-changing."
Denny Buskirk, VP & General Manager, Dover Corp., PSG