Company Overview

PeopleFlo Manufacturing is an engineering design and innovation company. We help manufacturers develop highly-differentiated product lines and production processes to accelerate organic growth.

Our key strategy integrates two value drivers – product design and production technology – as if they are one. This strategy enables us to create innovative product lines yet achieve a low cost position and outstanding delivery lead times. We believe that when it comes to innovation, how you make a product is just as important as how you design a product.

Our innovation capabilities are tailored to engineered product and built on a lean systems mindset. These capabilities include idea generation processes, design-make-test idea development processes and our One-Product-Flow production technology.

We are currently targeting the machinery and equipment sector with a focus on the pump industry. Our objective is the develop product lines that make a difference – products that use less energy, protect the environment and use less resources to produce.


PeopleFlo history

PeopleFlo was founded in 2004 to design and manufacture EnviroGear, a new line of zero-leak pumps for customers in the chemical market. PeopleFlo’s initial strategy was based on a conviction: a holistic approach to product development, built by combining a innovative product design with a cutting-edge “lean” production system, would create unprecedented value. As a result, PeopleFlo set out to develop a new industrial pump concurrently with a new production system to create a fully integrated product line. The objective was not only to create superior value but also to demonstrate a new manufacturing model for a sustainable competitive advantage.

By 2010, PeopleFlo’s business model was demonstrating outstanding potential. Early EnviroGear adopters like DuPont, PPG, Cargill and Chevron confirmed EnviroGear’s value proposition. PeopleFlo’s proprietary one-product-flow production system demonstrated the ability to drive down production costs compared to competitors by nearly 50%. Delivery lead times were dropped from an industry average of 40 days to under 10 days. Despite low sales volume, gross margins topped 50% and operating income reached 35%. The opportunity to drive financial performance even higher and unlock value for all stakeholders became apparent.

On January 28, 2011, PeopleFlo announced the sale of the EnviroGear product line and related manufacturing assets to Dover Corporation. In addition, Dover licensed PeopleFlo’s one-product-flow production system for use in manufacturing the EnviroGear product line. Following this transaction, PeopleFlo transitioned from a pump manufacturer to a engineering design and innovation company focused on helping manufacturing companies increase organic growth through product and process innovation.