PeopleFlo Completes Fast-Track Product Improvement Project for IDEX Corp.

Gast Manufacturing, a unit of IDEX Corp., teamed up with PeopleFlo on a fast-track product improvement project, which began on March 4th and wrapped up on-time today, just six weeks later.  Gast had identified an opportunity to improve the performance of one of their pneumatic products, and had identified a substantial sales opportunity if this improvement could be completed in a very short time frame.  PeopleFlo and Gast worked together to explore dozens of design ideas, then converged these ideas into about ten high-potential ideas, which were then prototyped and tested.  Ultimately, the best of these ideas rose to the top, and its performance met the improvement requirement.

“We came to PeopleFlo with a critical project that had a very tight timeline. PeopleFlo provided first-class project management and execution. Not only did we complete the project on time, but we exceeded our goal and now have a new product offering. Dan, PeopleFlo’s project lead, was very professional and communicated updates daily. From this initial experience with PeopleFlo, we would now look at them first as a partner for future developments.”  Bryan Kuntz, Sales Applications Engineer