PeopleFlo Kicks Off Project “Carbon” to Develop Carbon-Fiber / PEEK Containment Shell Technology for Magnetic Couplings

PeopleFlo launched an internal project, code named Carbon, to develop new designs and manufacturing techniques for containment shells used in magnetic couplings.  The plan is to design shells using a composite of:

  • PEEK (Poly-Ether-Ether-Ketone) thermoplastic, which is well-known in the pump industry has having excellent chemical resistance and suitable for a wide temperature range, and
  • carbon-fiber, in continuous or very-long-strand form, which possesses tremendous strength,

and to develop low-cost production methods to make them.

Shells constructed from such a composite have the potential to have very advantageous properties, including:

  • no eddy-current generation, nor the energy loss and heat build-up that eddy currents normally produce,
  • very high strength, to handle high pressures,
  • a very thin shell wall, to minimize magnetic cost and maximize coupling torque,
  • compatibility with a broad range of fluids and temperatures,
  • minimal cost premium compared to metallic Alloy C shells (the industry standard).

PeopleFlo intends on using this shell technology in multiple active mag-drive pump projects.  Additionally, they will be seeking new applications with pump OEMs looking to improve their mag-drive offerings.