PeopleFlo Manufacturing Awarded United States Patent For EnviroGear Magnetically Driven Gear Pump

Patent Inventors Left to Right: Clark Shafer, Vice President Customer Services; William Blankemeier, President

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted PeopleFlo Manufacturing patent protection for its EnviroGear magnetically driven gear pump. Specifically, the patent excludes others from copying aspects of PeopleFlo’s EnviroGear pump design that incorporates an eccentric stationary spindle. This design feature enables “between-the-bearing” support of the pumping elements and allows for a simple, compact design.

“We’re delighted to receive a US Patent for our EnviroGear pump,” said Clark Shafer Vice President of Customer Services at PeopleFlo.  “It’s a solid patent based on a genuinely novel design.”

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