Project with Dover Corporation’s PSG Group Leads to Co-Invented US Patent

Patent number US 10,240,600 B2 has been granted to PSG® for an innovative pump feature that was developed during a project PeopleFlo was working on with PSG.  It describes a unique bushing cartridge design for mag-drive pumps that greatly simplifies maintenance.  These pumps normally have interference-fit bushings, which are very difficult to replace, but with this cartridge design, the bushings are pre-assembled into the cartridge at the factory so that field maintenance becomes very simple and fast.

The inventors include both PSG and PeopleFlo employees, but the patent is assigned to PSG, since it was invented in the course of a pump development project for PSG.

William Blankemeier, President, explains “This is an excellent example of the collaborative nature of our projects.  Working closely together with our client, PeopleFlo’s innovation system led to the development this valuable pump improvement.”