PeopleFlo Opens Company Store

Hat with PeopleFlo logo

PeopleFlo Manufacturing announced today the opening of its Company Store. In partnership with Land’s End, this Company Store features exclusive logo apparel and accessories.

This custom merchandise is a great way to spread the word about PeopleFlo, a new manufacturing company with a purpose. “There seems to be genuine interest in apparel with the PeopleFlo brand” said William Blankemeier, President of PeopleFlo. “It may be because in some ways, we are a different company. We strive to help customers reduce operating costs but we also design our products deliberately to improve safety and protect the environment.”

About PeopleFlo Manufacturing, Inc.

PeopleFlo is a manufacturing-based products and services company. Founded in 2004, PeopleFlo puts manufacturing innovation to work by creating solutions to reduce operating costs, protect the environment and improve energy efficiency.