US Patent Granted for Pump Rotors with Restrained Thermal Expansion

Patent number US 10,400,765 B2 has been granted to PeopleFlo for a unique gear/lobe pump design that restrains the thermal growth of high-CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) rotor materials such as plastics or composites.  PeopleFlo has incorporated this design into a metallic lobe pump with thermoplastic lobes that maintains tight running clearances throughout a large […]

PumpWorks Unveils New PWA-SL Metallic Sealless Pump Co-Developed with PeopleFlo

PumpWorks®, a specialty manufacturer of API 610 and ANSI process industrial pumps, today unveiled the PWA-SL sealless horizontal process pump, co-developed by PumpWorks and PeopleFlo, designed to take on typical ANSI pump applications while eliminating the need for mechanical seals and seal support systems and providing zero-leak sealing protection.  The innovative, compact design is covered […]

US Patent Granted for Reciprocating Pump Drive Mechanisms

Patent number US 10,371,132 B2 has been granted to PeopleFlo for two variations of a mechanical drive mechanism for reciprocating pumps.  In both variations, unique linkage and a one-way clutch transform rotary motion from the driver (usually an electric motor) into reciprocating motion to drive the pump.  Both versions also include a provision that allows […]

PeopleFlo Completes Fast-Track Product Improvement Project for IDEX Corp.

Gast Manufacturing, a unit of IDEX Corp., teamed up with PeopleFlo on a fast-track product improvement project, which began on March 4th and wrapped up on-time today, just six weeks later.  Gast had identified an opportunity to improve the performance of one of their pneumatic products, and had identified a substantial sales opportunity if this […]

Project with Dover Corporation’s PSG Group Leads to Co-Invented US Patent

Patent number US 10,240,600 B2 has been granted to PSG® for an innovative pump feature that was developed during a project PeopleFlo was working on with PSG.  It describes a unique bushing cartridge design for mag-drive pumps that greatly simplifies maintenance.  These pumps normally have interference-fit bushings, which are very difficult to replace, but with […]

US Patent Granted for Mag-Drive Containment Shell Designs

Patent number US 10,208,869 B2 has been granted to PeopleFlo for multi-piece containment shell designs that provide huge improvements in magnetically coupled pumps. This invention allowed PeopleFlo to incorporate a zero-loss carbon fiber/PEEK containment shell into a very simple and compact pump design for a new, soon-to-be-launched line of pumps. The patent covers multiple different […]

US Patent Granted for a Pump Design with Five Unique Features

Patent number US 9,920,764 B2 has been granted to PeopleFlo for a set of features in an innovative mag-drive pump design currently under development.  While these five features are all incorporated into a single pump design, they affect a variety of pump components, and can be used in many other pump designs; hence the rather […]

US Patent Granted for Mag-Drive Pump with a Containment Shell that Supports the Impeller

Patent number US 9,771,938 B2 has been granted to PeopleFlo for a magnetically-coupled centrifugal pump design with a dual-purpose containment shell that also supports the impeller.  By combining the functions of fluid containment and bushing support, the pump design is much simpler with fewer parts.  Additionally, when the shell is made of silicon carbide, it’s […]

PeopleFlo Kicks Off Project “Carbon” to Develop Carbon-Fiber / PEEK Containment Shell Technology for Magnetic Couplings

PeopleFlo launched an internal project, code named Carbon, to develop new designs and manufacturing techniques for containment shells used in magnetic couplings.  The plan is to design shells using a composite of: PEEK (Poly-Ether-Ether-Ketone) thermoplastic, which is well-known in the pump industry has having excellent chemical resistance and suitable for a wide temperature range, and […]