Zero-loss Carbon Fiber / PEEK Containment Shells

for magnetic drive sealless pumps

PeopleFlo is pleased to offer breakthrough carbon fiber / PEEK containment shell technology to eliminate metallic shell heat problems and unlock the potential of mag drive pumps. Our unique mix of carbon fiber / PEEK raw material combined with proprietary production technology results in a new generation zero-loss shell with outstanding performance capabilities at an affordable price.

Patent awarded.

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The most advanced carbon fiber / PEEK containment shells ever – at an affordable price

Sealless Lobe Pump Design

Hygienic, simple and interchangeable with leading manufacturers.

Revolutionary sealless design eliminate problems associated with two mechanical seals.

Patents pending.

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Electric Double Diaphragm Pump Design

Leverage the energy efficiency benefits of a new electric drive configuration yet retain the benefits of a traditional air operated double diaphragm pump.

Patent pending.

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“We came to PeopleFlo with a critical project that had a very tight timeline. PeopleFlo provided first-class project management and execution. Not only did we complete the project on time, but we exceeded our goal and now have a new product offering. PeopleFlo’s project lead was very professional and communicated updates daily. From this initial experience with PeopleFlo, we would now look at them first as a partner for future developments.”

Application Engineer
IDEX Corporation