Introducing MachineEdge

Edge intelligence, AI-driven optimization, and automation to advance pump system reliability, reduce energy consumption by 50% and drive down CO2 emissions.

Arguably the most serious pump system problems that have affected the process industry for nearly 100 years result from operating fixed-speed pumps with control valves. The detrimental effects of this configuration on reliability and energy waste are well known, but an affordable solution has been elusive, until now.

A breakthrough solution designed to solve the severe reliability problems and enormous energy waste associated with operating a fixed-speed with a control valve.

MachineEdge Solution

MachineEdge is the first ever Advanced Machine Control solution designed to optimize the combined performance of control loop machines – the motor, pump and control valve – to advance machine reliability, save ~50% of electrical energy costs and drive down CO2 emissions.

Brownfield integration is easy because MachineEdge is a simple plug & play retrofit that uses edge intelligence, AI-based optimization and automation to operate independent of the process control system. MachineEdge doesn’t require any process control changes or connections.

MachineEdge typically generates a 1 to 2 year ROI payback, often on energy cost savings alone. When the benefits of reducing CO2 emissions and operating costs are added, the ROI is outstanding.

MachineEdge Patents Pending

Unlocks Energy Savings

MachineEdge can routinely save 50% of energy costs because of pump oversizing and the speed vs power relationship.

About 75% of fixed-speed process pumps are oversized, resulting in enormous energy waste as they require excessive control valve throttling. MachineEdge addresses this problem by periodically lowering the baseline speed to allow the control valve to automatically open just enough to maintain the process set point, at a less restrictive, lower pressure and more energy efficient position.

MachineEdge leverages the centrifugal pump speed vs power relationship (power is proportional to the cube of the speed), meaning that a relatively small 20% reduction in speed results in a power / energy cost savings of about 50%.

Advances Reliability

MachineEdge advances reliability by optimizing, then repositioning, the collective operating points of control loop machines – the motor, pump and control valve.  In most cases, MachineEdge will lower motor speed to reposition a pump’s operating point within at least 10% of the Best Efficiency Point reducing the damaging radial forces, cavitation and vibration. If the control valve is throttling excessively, MachineEdge will reposition the valve’s operating point to greater than 20% open.

MachineEdge predicts, models and displays in real-time three Key Reliability Factors that have proven to significantly lower maintenance costs and unplanned downtime. These Key Reliability Factors on the right show actual results. The Pump Percent BEP Flow was at 64% of BEP Flow, then MachineEdge repositioned its operating point to 99% of BEP flow. The Motor Speed Factor was at a nominal 3,510 rpm, then MachineEdge reset an optimum baseline speed to 2,250 rpm, a 36% speed reduction. The Valve Percent Open Factor was at 42% open before it opened further to 56% to maintain the process set point. 

Easy Brownfield Retrofit

MachineEdge was designed from day one to be a plug & play aftermarket retrofit that uses the existing electrical infrastructure and is smart enough to operate independent of the process control system. There are no process control connections required and no process control changes. 

MachineEdge comes preprogrammed, so there is very little commissioning time required. Installation is a simple 2-step process with an optional 3rd step: 

Step 1 is to anchor MachineEdge using threaded rod. 

Step 2 is to reroute the motor power cable from the motor through MachineEdge and back to the motor. This only requires a few extra feet of power cable.

Step 3 is optional. If it’s a Class 1, Division 2 application, then connect instrument air. 

MachineEdge Lab Demonstration

MachineEdge patents pending

“Many companies talk about breaking the frame but PeopleFlo has done it with innovative product designs that optimize both first cost and life cycle costs.”

Mr. Richard Labrecque, Retired CEO, ITT Industries, Fluid Technology