Introducing MachineEdge

A.I.-driven optimization and intelligent sensor platform to increase reliability and reduce energy cost by 50%

MachineEdge patents pending

Reinventing how motors, pumps and control valves interact

MachineEdge addresses the significant energy waste and reliability problems associated with operating a fixed-speed pump in a modulating control valve system. Instead of eliminating the control valve and changing to variable speed control, MachineEdge reinvents how control loop machines – electric motor, pump and control valve – interact as one interdependent system to maximize reliability and minimize energy consumption.

MachineEdge is a simple, plug and play retrofit that operates independent of the existing process control system.

Unlocks Energy Savings

MachineEdge can routinely save 50% of energy costs because of pump oversizing and the speed vs power relationship.

About 75% of fixed-speed process pumps are oversized, resulting in enormous energy waste as they require excessive control valve throttling. MachineEdge addresses this problem by periodically lowering the baseline speed to allow the control valve to automatically open, assuming a less restrictive, more energy efficient position.

MachineEdge leverages the centrifugal pump speed vs power relationship (power is proportional to the cube of the speed), meaning that a relatively small 20% reduction in speed results in a power / energy cost savings of about 50%.

Less Wear and Tear

MachineEdge can detect if a pump is oversized (about 75% are) and is operating far to the left of the its Best Efficiency Point (BEP) on its performance curve. Operating in this off-design state not only reduces energy efficiency but also causes significant wear and tear due to excessive vibration, significant internal recirculation, low-flow cavitation, and high radial shaft loads.

When MachineEdge recognizes this problematic operating state, it automatically repositions the pump operating point as close to BEP as possible, within the Preferred Operating Range.

  1. Anchor MachineEdge
  2. Reroute the power cable
  3. Give it air (for Class 1, Div 2 only)

Easy Plug and Play Retrofit

Allows for seamless integration with the existing electrical system and operates independently of process control.

Retrofitting MachineEdge to an existing pump system is easy and low cost. Installation directly next to the pump eliminates long expensive cable runs required by a centralized location. Additionally, it is seamlessly integrated with the existing electrical system by simply rerouting the motor power cable through MachineEdge.

MachineEdge comes preprogrammed and is intelligent enough to operate independently of process control system, without any changes or connections.

Because retrofitting MachineEdge is easy, it is designed not only for critical pumps but also for mainstream pump applications within a facility to significantly improve reliability and achieve enormous energy savings.

MachineEdge patents pending

Delivering Robust Data Sets for Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics are highly dependent on the quality of the data set generated by the sensors. However, retrofitting legacy pumps with high-end sensors has been too complicated and too expensive for mainstream pump applications. Wireless sensors have provided a simpler and lower cost solution, but the selection of technologies is limited and the preferred high-frequency sampling rate drains battery life. 

Robust and Comprehensive Datasets Affordable for Mainstream Pumps

MachineEdge’s digital infrastructure, located directly next to the pump, enables integration of a sensor platform that is capable of generating unprecedented datasets at a price affordable for mainstream pump applications.

MachineEdge combines a microcomputer edge device, a DC power source, short sensor cables and contextual data into a holistic sensor platform that is capable of monitoring the complete pump system (including the motor, pump and mechanical seal), across a broad set of electrical and mechanical parameters.

MachineEdge patents pending

“Many companies talk about breaking the frame but PeopleFlo has done it with innovative product designs that optimize both first cost and life cycle costs.”

Mr. Richard Labrecque, Retired CEO, ITT Industries, Fluid Technology