PeopleFlo Presents Senior Associate Award to Jim Nard

Left to right: Richard Labrecque, PeopleFlo Board Member; Jim Nard, PeopleFlo Senior Associate; Radosav Trninich, VP Manufacturing

PeopleFlo Manufacturing announced today that Jim Nard was awarded the company’s celebrated Senior Associate Award.

This award, which marks a major employee development milestone, recognizes employees who are able to perform all core business process activities without assistance. For Jim Nard, this award recognizes his proficiency in all core manufacturing processes. For example, Jim has mastered CNC lathe operations, CNC mill operations, drilling operations, hydraulic press operations, powder coating operations and the assembly and test processes. “Developing our employees based on mastering the entire manufacturing process is pivotal to our competitive advantage” said Radosav Trninich, VP Manufacturing for PeopleFlo. “With a wide range of skills and a process perspective, Jim Nard represents the manufacturing associate of the future”.

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