PeopleFlo Manufacturing Awarded 2nd US Patent For EnviroGear Pump

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted PeopleFlo Manufacturing a second patent for its EnviroGear magnetically driven gear pump.

This patent protects the unique design of the inner magnet, a simple yet effective design. A stainless steel sleeve isolates the magnets from the pumped fluid and holds the magnets in place without the use of adhesives or welding. With this design, the inner magnets can be replaced in a pump user’s facility easily and inexpensively.

“Simplicity is a major objective when we design products,” said Jason Sexton, VP of Product Development for PeopleFlo. “Taking a fresh, simple approach to the inner magnet design led to a unique and patentable solution.”

About PeopleFlo Manufacturing, Inc.

PeopleFlo Manufacturing is revolutionizing how chemical, petrochemical and food processing companies pump the most demanding fluids. Through a dramatic combination of technological and ecological innovation, PeopleFlo has developed products and services to help customers lower maintenance costs and set new standards for environmental protection. We call it combined innovation.