PeopleFlo Partners With Emotron Inc. to Introduce EnviroCare Pump Protection Products

PeopleFlo Manufacturing Inc. announced the selection of Emotron Inc. to become a PeopleFlo strategic partner and develop the EnviroCare series of pump protection products. To start, PeopleFlo will provide customers with EnviroCare M20 Series shaft power monitors and MSF Series soft starters to improve pump reliability. “Our synergistic ability to offer unique products, solutions and innovative thinking ensures that the partnership between PeopleFlo and Emotron will serve to greatly benefit the customers and markets we serve,” said Paul Hackett, President of Emotron USA.

By accurately detecting overload and underload conditions, the EnviroCare M20 Series shaft power monitors are an innovative way to protect pumps. They minimize damage caused by abnormal system upsets including prolonged pump dry-running, cavitation or dead-heading. The EnviroCare MSF soft starter enables reliable pump start-up on highly viscous fluids without adding the cost of unnecessary motor horsepower.

Going forward, PeopleFlo plans to add new products to the EnviroCare like the next generation of variable frequency drives soon to be introduced by Emotron.

About Emotron, Inc.

Emotron is a Swedish-based electronics company that specializes in manufacturing devices for protecting, monitoring and controlling equipment driven by electric motors.

About PeopleFlo Manufacturing, Inc.

PeopleFlo Manufacturing is revolutionizing how chemical, petrochemical and food processing companies pump the most demanding fluids. Through a dramatic combination of technological and ecological innovation, PeopleFlo has developed products and services to help customers lower maintenance costs and set new standards for environmental protection. We call it combined innovation.