Ashland Chemical Selects EnviroGear Pumps for Environmental Improvement Project

PeopleFlo Manufacturing Inc. announced that Ashland Chemical, a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals, has selected PeopleFlo’s Envirogear sealless gear pumps for use on an environmental project at their Calumet City, Illinois plant. PeopleFlo will provide eight EnviroGear sealless gear pumps designed to eliminate pump seal leakage.

Ashland launched this project to address environmental and safety issues caused by pump leakage in the production of phenolic resins. “It is very difficult for mechanical seals or mechanical packing to effectively seal batch-type resin applications,” said Clark Shafer, Vice President, Customer Services at Peopleflo. “The EnviroGear pump was specifically designed to insure “zero Leakage” on hard to seal viscous applications.”

About Ashland Chemical

Ashland Inc., a diversified chemical company, provides innovative products and services to customers around the globe with offices in more than 100 countries worldwide. Their operations include four wholly-owned divisions: Ashland Distribution, Ashland Performance Materials, Valvoline, and Ashland Water Technologies.

About PeopleFlo Manufacturing, Inc.

PeopleFlo Manufacturing is revolutionizing how chemical, petrochemical and food processing companies pump the most demanding fluids. Through a dramatic combination of technological and ecological innovation, PeopleFlo has developed products and services to help customers lower maintenance costs and set new standards for environmental protection. We call it combined innovation.